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The right to BEAR ARMS is now in Illinois, sign up for our concealed carry license classes.

HBT SECURITY GROUP can meet your security needs with Full or Part-Time Security Guard services.

Concealed Carry License Class

Concealed Carry License Classes

HBT Security Group offers a wide range of concealed carry classes for your needs. Below is our list of upcoming classes:

Advanced Firearms Training

1 on 1 or Group 2 Hours Training

Drills designed to build confidence are part of HBT Security Group’s advanced firearms training:

  • Fundamental Refresher 
  • Firearm Safety and Marksmanship
  • Reloads and Stoppage Drills
  • Multiple Targets
  • Positions of Fire
  • One Handed Defending Techniques
  • Stress Drills
  • Target Discrimination
  • Tactical Entry and Movement

Security Training Class

20/48 Hour Security Training Course
Discover the ideal pathway to a career in security. Our 20-hour course prepares individuals to become certified unarmed Security Officers in Illinois, boosting job skills and earning a state certificate.

Alternatively, the second 28-hour firearms course trains individuals to become armed Security Officers, meeting Illinois State requirements. Upon completion, students can apply for IDFPR PERC Card or IDFPR Firearm Control Card. Please note that class fees exclude PERC card registration and fingerprint background check costs.

Welcome to HBT Security Group, Inc

Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Congratulations! The right to BEAR ARMS is now in Illinois. We now join the rest of the U.S.A. with Concealed Carry! HBT is located in the Chicagoland Area for all of your SECURITY GUARD NEEDS, FIREARM and CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE TRAINING! Security & Illinois concealed carry training is our specialty.

We at HBT Security Group Inc realize that exercising your right to possess/carry a firearm comes with a cost and expectation of responsibility. Firearm knowledge, safety and personal defense are absolutely essential, so that you obtain and then maintain the proper mindset, skills and abilities that come with “bearing arms” for the purpose of self-defense. Proper training is every armed citizen’s individual responsibility. You owe this not only to yourself, but to your family, friends and everyone else you come in contact with each and every day.

Illinois concealed carry training

Security Contracting & Consulting

Security Contracting
HBT SECURITY GROUP can meet your security needs with Full or Part-Time Security Guard services. We are licensed through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. License no. #122001486.

Security Consulting
At HBT SECURITY GROUP, our security team of experienced military and trained law enforcement personnel will guide you and your business to a safer and efficient security training plan that suits you as the client.