Illinois Firearm Training

As a leading provider of Illinois Firearm Training and Safety, HBT Security Group take pride in offering the best firearm instruction.

Illinois CCL Instructor

Our Certified Instructors are dedicated to providing the basic use, knowledge, skills, attitude and safe handling of firearms. Our Firearms Instructors are patient and very attentive to students needs and various levels of experience.


HBT Security Group Firearm Instructors

HBT Firearm Instructors have various certifications and professional backgrounds that consist of:

  • National Rifle Association Certified Firearm Instructor
  • USCCA affiliate instructors
  • Illinois Law Enforcement Board Certified Firearm Instructor
  • NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Registered Firearm Instructor
  • Over 50 years of Law Enforcement experience/Training
  • Illinois Special Operations Training
  • Close Quarter Combat Certified Instructor
  • Endorsed by the Illinois State Police
  • Licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation
  • Investigation/Interrogation/Surveillance Training
  • Minority Business Enterprise  

Illinois Certified and Licensed Firearm Training & Security Contracting Company


License Numbers

Registered Firearms Instructor: #263.000779
Security Agency License: #122.001486

Private Security Contractor: #119.001615