16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class

The classes will cover: Firearm safety, Basic principals of marksmanship, Maintenance, Loading/unloading a concealable firearm, All applicable state and federal laws and firearms handling.

All students taking the 16 hour course will receive two certifications. The first reflects the completion of the NRA Basic Pistol and the second is the Illinois Concealed Carry License, Firearm Training.

16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry Class


  • NRA Basic Pistol – 8 hours
  • Concealed Carry Act, State and Federal Laws & Use of Force – 4 hours
  • Firearms Handling & Training – 4 hours

If student already has any of the following states or cities’ 4 hour Concealed Carry and/or Safety Courses: Illinois, Utah, Florida, Nevada, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan and Chicago, any previous applicable Firearm Training Certification received should be presented to the instructor for the additional credit towards a ICCL Certification.

Are you 65 years of age or older?  Make sure you choose the “Senior Price” when you register to receive a 10% discount.