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Do I need to bring my own gun to class?

You can bring your own gun and ammo to class. Or, you can rent them from us at your class.

Do I need a FOID card to take a concealed carry class?

No, you do not need a FOID cart to take a class.

If I am taking the 3-hour Concealed Carry Renewal Class, do I go to the shooting range or the office address?

All classes start at the office address in Homer Glen, IL.

If I want to the the 20-hour Armed Class, do I need to take the 20-hour unarmed class first?

If you have a PERC card then you only have to take the 20-hour armed class. Otherwise, you will need to take both.

If I am ex-military or ex-law enforcement, do I need a PERC card?


If I need a security class to get my TAN card, do I have to get a PERC card, too?


If I need to take the 16-hour Concealed Carry Class, do I have to them them on back to back days?