20/40 Hour Security Training Course



The first 20 hour course is geared toward the individual who is interested in finding a career in the security field as an unarmed Certified Security Officer in Illinois. This class can also offer an individual the ability to enhance their present job skills and earn a state certificate. The second 20 hour firearms course is for an individual looking to become certified to work as an armed Security Officer. This Security Training Display Picturetraining meets the requirements of the Illinois State mandate for 20/40 hour unarmed/armed private security training under the Illinois Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor and Locksmith Act of 2004. The completion of these courses will allow the student to apply for their IDFPR PERC Card or their IDFPR Firearm Control Card. Class fee does not include PERC card registration fee or the cost of the fingerprint background check.

Security Training Class Basics:

  • 20 Hour Basic Security: IDFPR certified training towards your PERC card.
    Law of arrest, search and seizures
    Civil and criminal law
    Illinois criminal code 720 ILCS
    Use of force
    Arrest and control techniques
    Criminal code 2012
    Bomb threat
    The law on Private security forces and reporting to Law enforcement
    First aid
    Fire prevention, fire equipment and fire safety
    Report writing
    Civil rights public relations
    Identification of terrorists and act of terrorism and terrorist organization
    Active shooter
  • 20 Hour Firearm Training: IDFPR certified training towards Firearm Control Card.
    Firearm safety
    Loading, unloading, care and cleaning
    Ammunition review, misfire, hang-fire, squib
    FOID Act, Illinois Concealed Carry Act review
    Four safety rules
    Use of force: Deadly force
    Firearm discharge report
    State and Federal laws
    Situational awareness
    Written exam
    Shooting positions
    Shooting techniques
    Weapon retention
    Dry fire drills
    Live fire qualification


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