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The Benefits of Women-Only Concealed Carry Training

More and more women today are opting to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection. While anyone can benefit from proper training on using and carrying a concealed weapon, there are unique reasons why women may feel more comfortable in a concealed carry class created specifically for them.

At HBT Security Group, we offer women’s only concealed carry classes at our training facility in Homer Glen, IL. These classes provide all the standard instruction required to obtain a concealed carry permit, but do so in an environment where women can feel at ease.

Our women’s concealed carry classes are taught by experienced instructors. They understand the perspectives and needs of women when it comes to concealed carry and personal defense. The instructors provide training tailored to women on topics like:

  • Firearm safety and operation
  • Laws regarding self-defense
  • Safe handling and carrying of a concealed firearm
  • Situational awareness and de-escalation
  • Defensive shooting techniques
  • Proper concealed carry methods for women’s clothing and accessories
  • Mindset training focused on women’s self-defense

Beyond the training itself, our women’s only classes foster an atmosphere of support and empowerment. Attendees appreciate being in a class where they can openly discuss concerns and challenges unique to women, without feeling intimidated or judged. The relationships built in these classes help our graduates feel confident in their abilities.

Each student receives guidance tailored to her needs, including firearm and gear recommendations for women. We take the time to understand how a concealed carry weapon could fit into your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re a woman considering your concealed carry options, we encourage you to register for one of our upcoming courses. Let our experienced instructors provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to carry concealed. You’ll benefit from high-quality instruction in an environment created with women’s needs and perspectives in mind.

Contact HBT Security Group today to reserve your spot in our next women’s concealed carry class. Let us help you gain the confidence and ability to protect yourself.