Jun 8

20/40 Hour Security Course


The first 20 hour course is geared toward the individual who is interested in finding a career in the security field as an unarmed Certified Security Officer in Illinos. This class can also offer an individual the ability to enhance their present job skills and earn a state certificate. The second 20 hour firearms course is for an indiviual looking to become certified to work as an armed Security Officer. This training meets the requirements of the Illinois State mandate for 20/40 hour unarmed/armed private security training under the Illinois Private Detective, Private Alarmn, Private Security, Fingerprint Vendor and Locksmith Act of 2004. The completion of these courses will allow the student to apply for their IDFPR PERC Card or their IDFPR Firearm Control Card. Class fee does not include PERC card registration fee or the cost of the fingerprint background check.

  1. frank qualtier 24 Jan 2020 | reply

    need info on both classes i have a perc card and im a veteran do i need to take both classes and when do they start and what is the fee 6307439581 thank you

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